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"Mabon “Teenie” Hodges- A Portrait of a Memphis Soul Original", is an artist’s impression of a soul guitarist continuing to create music today while reflecting on his life. This documentary allows Teenie to tell his story.   Teenie helped Al Green to become a 1970’s superstar, by co-writing many of his hit songs. Teenie and his brothers’ Charles and Leroy Hodges were known as the Hi Rhythm band. Hi Rhythm played on Al Green's famous hit records of the 1970's. This documentary features many of the important players of the Hi Records family, including the label’s head, the late Willie Mitchell. Teenie’s incredible spirit and talent shine throughout the film.

Director Susanna Vapnek received a BA from Oberlin College and a MFA from SVA. For the past fourteen years she has worked as a painter in New York City. As tour manager for the Cat Power tour The Greatest, Vapnek formed a close friendship with guitarist Teenie Hodges. In 2008, Vapnek began her documentary on Mabon 'Teenie' Hodges.

Director: Susanna Vapnek

Executive Producer: Daniel Vapnek, Brett Vapnek

Producer: Susanna Vapnek, Roxanne Oldham

Cinematographer: Susanna Vapnek

Editor: Kjerstin Rossi

Music: Mabon "Teenie" Hodges

Additional Credits: cameraman: David Leonard, cameraman: Robert Gordon, camerawoman: Susanna Vapnek, camerawoman: Eva Arijis, camerawoman: Kjerstin Rossi

Principal Cast: Mabon "Teenie" Hodges, Willie Mitchell, David Porter, Reverend Charles Hodges, Leroy Hodges, Archie TUrner, Boo Mitchell, Mary Louis Hodges Price, Fred Hodges

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